1000w Backup AC DC Port Portable Power Station Flighpower FP-E1000

Short Description:

FP-E1000 portable power station built in grade A lIfepo4 battery pack, pure sine wave inverter of 100V 220V 230V. It supports AC &DC input charging by mains power, solar panel, wind energy, also can discharge via AC 220V, DC 5V&12V.
With a car start interface, which can be used as the auxiliary jump starter function for 6.0 L emission cars or lower, to keep you powered convenient, efficient and safe during indoor or outdoor usages or even some emergency situations such as earthquake&medical emergency,etc.

Outdoor applications

.When you go camping, the FP-E1000  power station may be the best choice. Wirh the compact design, it is easy to carry. And with multiple output ports, which can power many outdoor devices and provide you with a pleasure entertainment.
Indoor usages
Also, it can power for most household applications like theTV  fan, electric cooker, leectric hair dryer, small refrigerator, laptop
and etc.
Especially when you are watching the TV series or football games or cooking meal, then the power cut off, it can be used as the emergency power supply.

  • Rated power : 1000W
  • Rated power : 799.2Wh
  • Standard capacity : 3.7V/216000mAh
  • Overload protection : 1100±80W
  • Output waveform: pure sine wave
  • USB output : QC3.0/18W
  • Type-C output : PD60W
  • Charging input voltage : 12-26V
  • Working temperature: ▬10-40℃
  • Weight (net weight) : ≈7.5kg
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